The Cravenwood Chronicle is here!!

OK, so here it is….the fruits of our labour.

Containing a mix of fascinating facts, fun stories, pictures, and news about the Cravenwood community, including stories about our new school building opening, celebration day, and work with Creative Partnerships, here it is, our very first school newspaper.

Click on any of the pages below to view individual stories – or click here to download your own copy of the whole paper.


fifth day……in the city learning centre to publish our reports!!

On the final day, we downed notebooks to walk to Abraham Moss High School, where we were allowed to use the hi-tech facilities of the City Learning Centre to type up our reports and edit our photographs.

The Arabic students were even able to use an Arabic keyboard for their articles, which were then translated into English by translator Mr Elsadig Eltai.

Here are some pictures of us beavering away on the computers, ensuring all is perfect for publication….


fourth day……we hit Cheetham Hill!!!!

After learning about the differences between NEWS and FEATURES, the reporters were well equipped to spread their journalistic wings….

So, each group of five reporters was given a brief to write about an aspect of life in Cheetham Hill.

The topics were broad and varied – and included the local park; the local library; cafes and takeaways; fruit and veg shops; charity shops; fashion; and cars.

Each group carried out VOX POPS with members of the public; the interviewed staff; the took pictures; and told the story of their particular subject.

Here are some pictures of the day’s adventure. They show that being a journalist makes you an EXPLORER of the world – and lets you see the ordinary with fresh eyes…..


and, finally, Miss’s car……

third day…..writing up stories, more reporting

Today, the morning was spent doing more reporting in the school and writing up stories…..

The 50 pupils split up into ten groups of five and picked the topics themselves.

These included a range of diverse subjects, including the school trip to Robinwood, Cravenwood’s barrier-free policy – which means the school opens its doors to pupils of all physical abilities – litter around the school, the environment, as well as issues of traffic at the school gates, use of technology in the school, and the daily working lives of teachers.

Here are some pictures from the day’s reporting……all taken by pupils themselves.

second day….reporters let loose!

So today we moved onto the main site (woop!) and got to grips with more skills before unleashing our new found knowledge on our unsuspecting school…

The day started with a quick introduction to the wonders of shorthand, where we learnt to write our names in the journalist secret code.

Then we looked at different examples of writing, and learnt the difference between a news story and feature – turns out there’s a lot!

Finally the wonderful world of headlines and puns – (un-bee-lievable!), before concentrating on quotes and note-taking by listening to some of Manchester’s wonderful market traders talk about their colourful lives.


Notebooks at the ready, ideas sharpened and questions honed, we started interviewing staff, pupils and parents for our articles…

hello everyone

Hello there everyone…..

The first day was a great success, with children interviewing each other, learning the importance of the five Ws (and one H) and getting to grips with the basics of being a journalist.

Here are some pictures, courtesy of one of our intrepid snappers.

More to come…